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Example Pictures

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10 Tage durch den Busch und Schlammpfuetzen - die beste Wanderung in Neuseeland !

von Schlammpfuetze zu Schlammpfuetze
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10 Tage durch den Busch und Schlammpfuetzen - die beste Wanderung in Neuseeland !

Das Wetter wird wieder besser !
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Stelzenhaueser und Farmen
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Geschrieben von: Andre Diez   
Donnerstag, den 19. April 2007 um 21:53 Uhr

Neue Version 1.1.0 des Moduls veroeffentlicht - new version 1.1.0 published:

Bitte Artikel weiterlesen für Änderungen und Neuerungen
Please readon this article for further details and changes

Wichtige Links - Useful Links

[Version 1.1.0]

  • [CODE] Choice of Simple or Advanced mode
  • [CODE] Added possibility to show just a single picture
  • [CODE] Added further functionality for source selection of pictures --> from 1. album 2. category 3. album and category
  • [CODE] Added option to filter for keywords, title and description
  • [CODE] Added option to filter for specific owner
  • [CODE] Added option to show last commented pictures - this option is not filtered by the source selection - it shows the comments from all albums/categories
  • [CODE] Added possiblity to enter a name for the config file
  • [CODE] Renamed the module-name to mod_extcoppermine
  • [TEST] tested with cpmFetch 2.0.0 - it works fine !

[Version 1.0.1]

  • [CODE] Fixed broken links to the cpmFetch author website is now: http://cpmfetch.fistfullofcode.com/index.php
  • [CODE] customized description for better understanding
  • [CODE] added changelog.txt
  • [TEST] Tested on my own website from cpmFetch Version 1.9.08 until the latest 1.9.12 and it works fine !

[Version 1.0.0 First release]

Enjoy it and give me your feedback - where ?

use the forum Forum mod_ExtCoppermine and/or
vote/write a review at extensions.joomla.org


André Diez
Webmaster and Traveller

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