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Placeholder for picture description and Alt Tags english PDF Drucken E-Mail
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Geschrieben von: Andre Diez   
Freitag, den 06. April 2007 um 16:06 Uhr
Placeholder for picture description and Alt Tags english
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Placeholder for picture description and Alt Tags english

I created a list of available placeholders. These are valid for the description subtitles and the ALT Tag at the Backend. All placeholders are taken from the documentaion of cpmFetch: Source: cpmFetch Dokumentation

Useful Links Please readon this article for further details and changes

Placeholder for mod_ExtCoppermine

This parameters can be used from cpmFetch 2.0 and above and can be combined together. These parameters has to be in {{ double Brackets }}, like shown at the picture below.


  • Parameter {pFilepath}: relative filepath
  • Parameter {pFilename}: Filename
  • Parameter {pAid}: ID from the album
  • Parameter {pFilesize}: Filesize in byte
  • Parameter {pTitle}: Title of the picture
  • Parameter {pCaption}: Description of the picture
  • Parameter {pOwner_name}: Name of picture owner
  • Parameter {pOwnerId}: ID of the owner
  • Parameter {pCtime}: Time unformated
  • Parameter {pHits}: Count of hits
  • Parameter {pPid}: ID of the picture
  • Parameter {pVotes}: Count of votes
  • Parameter {pWidth}: Width in pixel
  • Parameter {pHeight}: Heigth in pixel
  • Parameter {pUser1}: Userfield 1
  • Parameter {pUser2}: Userfield 2
  • Parameter {pUser3}: Userfield 3

  • Parameter {pUser4}: Userfield 4
  • Parameter {uUser_lastvisit}: User last visited
  • Parameter {uUser_regdate}: User registration date
  • Parameter {uUser_email}: User e-mail

  • Parameter {cName}: Categoryname
  • Parameter {cDescription}: Categorydescription
  • Parameter {cPos}: Number of category
  • Parameter {cParent}: Number of Parentcategory
  • Parameter {cThumb}: ID of picture from the category thumbnail

  • Parameter {aAid}: ID of album
  • Parameter {aTitle}: Albumtitle
  • Parameter {aDescription}: Albumdescription
  • Parameter {aVisibility}: Visibility of picture 0/1
  • Parameter {aCategory}: corresponding category - ID
  • Parameter {aThumb}: Thumbnail ID of the album
  • Parameter {aKeyword}: Album keywords

  • Parameter {fullPathToThumb}: Path to the thumbnail
  • Parameter {fullPathToNormal}: Path to the intermediate picture
  • Parameter {fullPathToFull}: Path to the Big picture
  • Parameter {pCtimeAgo}: Days since added

  • Parameter {pFilesizeKB}: Filesize in KB
  • Parameter {pPic_RatingStars}: Rating of the picture 1-5
  • Parameter {pCtimeFormatted}: Date added - tt-mm-YYYY

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