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Joomla Addon mod_ExtCoppermine configuration English PDF Drucken E-Mail
Benutzerbewertung: / 18
Geschrieben von: Andre Diez   
Dienstag, den 06. März 2007 um 01:00 Uhr

Mod_ExtCoppermine - configuration - English

This represents the actual configuration settings and backend explanation of all backend parameters. Valid for version 1.5.0

Useful Links Please read on this article for further details and changes

Highlights and available functions:

  • every module can be configurated individually with all its settings
  • many options for optical enhancement through free configurable CSS classes for the TAGS: TABLE, TH, TR, TD, IMG, A --> just change the reconfigured CSS classes from the css/mod_extcoppermine.css file
  • Simple mode for one single picture or advanced for further options
  • Source selection: multiple albums or categories or both
  • Which pictures to show: random, last added, best voted, most voted, most viewed and last commented
  • Filter pictures by keyword, title, description or owner
  • Number of column and rows
  • Resize the pictures
  • Adapt the subtitle and ALT Tag - Details, please read detailed list
  • Type of picture: thumbnail, Intermediate, Big Size
  • Link destination - picture in the gallery, album, no link --> open in the same or new window
  • Can be shown several times on one page
  • Optional eye catching effects if using the Popup function from Highslide

Parameter list Module Backend

Part1 + Screen shot

  • Settings Selection - Selection of Simple or Advanced
    • Simple - use of just one single picture which is selectable PID ( direct picture number ) - all relevant styling options are available
    • Advanced ( standard) - contains all available options
  • Number of the Picture - number of the picture
    • only use if the Setting Selection - Simple - has been chosen. Use a valid natural number
  • Show pictures from nonpublic albums - Option to show these pictures or not
    • it shows pictures from nonpublic albums - marked as private in Coppermine gallery - Standard is NO
  • Source - Source selection
    • Choice of: albums, categories or both
    • albums and categories are combined by the OR relation
    • Attention: a category must contain albums, if a category contains only subcategories none pictures will be fetched ( limitation of cpmFetch )
  • Number of album
    • number of the albums divided by comma
  • Number of category
    • number of the categories divided by comma
    • categories and albums are in AND relation, if source selection: albums and categories
  • Picture selection
    • possible choices are: last added, random, most viewed, best rated, most rated, last commented ( for this option the source selection is not valid - limitation of cpmFetch )
  • Filter keywords - filter the source for pictures with keywords
    • narrow the selected pictures which includes these keywords, divided by comma
    • these keywords are in OR relation
  • Filter Text - filter for text
    • narrow the selected pictures, which contains these words
    • these words are in OR relation
  • Filter by owner
    • narrow the selected pictures, which are owned by "owner"
    • these "owners" are in OR relation
  • Number of rows
  • Number of columns

Part2 + Screen shot

  • Path to CpmFetch
    • 2 possible choices -
    • 1. relative path to cpmFetch
      • Example - joomla and coppermine gallery are installed at the same directory level - and cpmFetch 2.0 is installed successfully under /gallery/cpmfetch --> then the correct path is: ../gallery/cpmfetch"
      • I use the relative path, because this path stays the same after uploading from a local test environment - so there is no need to adapt this path for every module entry
    • 2. direct path of the file system
      • this path is NOT the "http://www/xxx" address rather than the physical path of your file system ( mainly linux ).
      • to find under: phpInfo at the Backend of Joomla - HELP - SYSTEMINFO - PHP INFORMATION - look for DOCUMENT ROOT - then you have to add the cpmFetch folder to the found path
      • Example: DOCUMENT ROOT ="www/html/webspace". The correct path will be "www/html/webspace/gallery/cpmfetch", if the settings of the above example are the same
  • Name of configuration file
    • during the installation of cpmFetch a configuration file named "cpmfetch_config.php" will be generated. This name is predefined at the backend
    • in case you want to fetch pictures from several galleries , using this module - you can use a different configuration file
    • Easiest way to get a different valid configuration file:
      • install cpmFetch into the other gallery
      • copy and rename the generated "cpmfetch_config.php" file into the original used cpmFetch Installation
      • change the name of the configuration file at the module Backend
      • Therefore you can fetch pictures from more than one gallery
  • Choice of predefined CSS styles
    • There are 4 predefined styles. The colors where generated via web based tool http://wellstyled.com/tools/colorscheme2/index-en.html - with monochromatic settings
    • these classes can be modified - have a look under /css/mod_extcoppermine.css
  • Module class suffix
    • used to individually adapt the module CSS. This will be added to the CSS class "table.modultable"
  • CSS classes for TABLE, TH, TR, TD, A, IMG Tags
    • Here you can add single CSS classes for the Tags above.
    • these classes can be modified - have a look under /css/mod_extcoppermine.css
    • if you enter CSS classes here - they will overwrite the classes from the predefined settings
    • Example: use of predefined style4. Enter "cpg_table_style2" into the TABLE field - will overwrite the CSS settings of the TABLE Tag - but it can be any valid CSS style, which has already been loaded from the template
  • Width and height of the picture
    • If not entered then width and height use the settings from option "Type of picture" - which can have the following settings: "Standard Thumbnail, Intermediate Picture, Large picture ". Standard is "Thumbnail". The settings from the coppermine gallery of picture dimensions will be used for
    • If one value is entered then the other will change in relation to it.
    • if you change both. then it might distort your pictures
    • I still used it for small thumbnails - size 50x50 - because it is hard to see any distortion at this size

Part3 + Screen shot

  • Description of the picture
    • You can add the description of the picture - it will be shown below the picture ( limitation of cpmFetch )
    • it accepts many parameters, see here for a complete list {ln: Platzhalter für Bildbeschreibung und ALT Tags 'Placeholders for subtitle and ALT Tags}
    • it accepts HTML Tags too like <BR> or <B> for bold
  • Description of the ALT Tag
    • it accepts the same parameters than "description of pictures"
  • Type of Picture
    • choice of: Standard Thumbnail, Intermediate Picture, Large picture - size will be the standard pixel size from Coppermine gallery settings
  • Type of link
    • you have the choice of linking to:
      • gallery picture
      • No Link
      • album
      • parent category
      • page with the thumbnails
      • large picture
      • large picture using highslide effect ( only Joomla 1.5 )
      • intermedate picture using highslide effect ( only Joomla 1.5 )
  • Link destination
    • Choice of : same window or new window
  • No Image - displays images or not
    • Standard ( No ) - all pictures will be displayed
    • makes only sense if set to "NO" in relation to the "subtitle link" parameter set to "YES" and if subtitles are exist - then only the subtitle of the pictures will be displayed as links
  • Subtitle Link
    • Standard ( No )
    • Yes - the subtitle of the picture will be displayed as link as well

Advanced Parameters - for Highslide ( only Joomla 1.5 )

  • Choice of local path or URL ( since Module version 1.5.0 )
    • local path ( Standard ) - it presumes that highslide is installed under the joomla root folder as standard folder named "highslide". It is predefined and has to be entered without leading and trailing slash
    • URL - can be used if highslide is installed outside the joomla directory - theoretically it can be any www address
  • local path or URL to Highslide ( since Module version 1.5.0 )
    • enter the path to highslide - depends on the "choice of local path or URL" parameter
  • Highslide options - additional highslide options
    • multiple entry possible - must be separated by semicolon ";"
    • Example: hs.fadeInOut=true;hs.outlineType='rounded-white'
    • the complete list of possible parameters can be found here highslide reference'Highslide Parameter Referenz
    • many important parameters can be select from the parameters below
  • Loading text
    • displayed text during the loading preocess of the picture, before the Popup appears
  • Auto size picture
    • Standard ( active ) - reduce the popupsize if the size will be bigger than the actual browser resolution
  • Alignment of the picture
    • Choice of - Centered ( Standard ) or Automatic
    • Centered - all pop ups appear centered in the middle of the screen
    • Automatic - opens the Popup under the link within the browser window
  • Highslide Credits
    • active ( Standard )
    • use of your own link title, tool tip and credit text
  • Credit Text
    • Displays the text for the label, which will be shown at the top left corner
    • the position of the credit can only be changed with modifying the css class "highslide-credits" at the highslide.css
  • Credit Link
    • URL for the credit link, will be open in a new window
  • Credit Title
    • this will be the text of the tool tip, if moving with the mouse over it
  • Highslide block right click
    • active ( Standard )
    • deactivates the right click on the Popup window to get the standard window right click menu
  • Highslide outline type
    • Choice of: "no border", "rounded-white", "rounded-black", "glossy-dark", "beveled", "drop-shadow", "outer-glow"
  • Background dimming
    • active ( Standard )
    • will darken the browser window with the given strength - between 10 and 100%
  • Blur
    • Deactivated ( Standard )
    • if more than one picture are open than the pictures not in focus are blurred
    • this only works, if multiple instances of pop ups are allowed. You can allow it using the "highslide options" to add it manually
  • Fade in/Out
    • Deactivated ( Standard )
    • this shows an additional fade in/fadeout effect during opening/closing a Popup
  • Highslide picture caption
    • 4 possible choices:
    • no caption
    • ALT attribute from Image Tag ( Standard ) - the ALT attribute can be defined manually via normal parameters - description of the ALT Tag
    • Title attribute from Image Tag
    • Title attribute from A HREF Tag

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