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Home | Joomla | mod_ExtCoppermine | Installation - english

Example Pictures

Von Gokyo nach Chukumg und Rueckkehr nach Kathmandu

unser Flugzeug
69 x angesehen
Unser nördlichster Punkt der Reise. Geniale Landschaften und fast verlassene Fischerdörfer

24 x angesehen

217 x angesehen
10 Tage durch den Busch und Schlammpfuetzen - die beste Wanderung in Neuseeland !

Die Wolken verziehen sich
91 x angesehen
Kleine 2-3 Tageswanderungen zum Lake Daniells und Camping in den Lewis Pass Tops, Mitte April 2005

Über den Wolken
87 x angesehen
Joomla Addon mod_ExtCoppermine Installation english PDF Drucken E-Mail
Benutzerbewertung: / 28
Geschrieben von: Andre Diez   
Dienstag, den 23. Dezember 2008 um 00:00 Uhr

Module to show pictures from a Coppermine gallery - installation instructions

This module for joomla is displaying pictures from a coppermine gallery - question can be ask at the discussed at the Forum mod_ExtCoppermine. - registration for Support necessary - but free, public write access has been disabled

This module has been developed because there was no suitable module available - so why not doing it by myself ? It took me a little bit to find out how it works - now i use it on my own travel website

Useful Links Please readon this article for further details and changes

English description


  • Joomla ( 1.0.18 ) - until module version 1.3.1 or Joomla 1.5.9 and above since module version 1.3.1.
  • Coppermine gallery 1.4.19 and above
  • install of cpmFetch 2.0 stable
  • additonally for joomla 1.5 versions - highslide 4.x to use for eyecatching popups
  • additonally you can use the coppermine bridge for joomla from Mehdi - but it works without it as well

Installation of cpmFetch, Highslide and mod_ExtCoppermine

  • Download of cpmFetch 2.0 stable
  • Please note ! cpmFetch 2.11dev is not supported
  • Copy all files and folders into a subfolder calles "cmpfetch" below your Coppermine gallery installation
  • for example: your document root contains a folder "joomla" for your cms and another folder "gallery". In the "gallery" folder now exist another subfolder so called "cpmFetch" with all the necessary files.
  • Now you have to install cpmFetcht. It is necessary to give the file "cpmfetch_config.php" full access, use the chmod 777, so that it can be overwritten.
  • Next step - call the installation script: http://your-site-com/gallery/cpmfetch/install.php from your browser. It will extract all necessary Coppermine setttings to this configuration file.
  • Set the file rights back , chmod 644, to be on the save side.
  • If everything went fine - you will see some example pictures and a list of the configuration settings.
  • The module can now be installed over the joomla backend as every module for joomla and can be customized over the modul-menu

Optional Installation of Highslide - only for Joomla 1.5.x versions

  • Download of Highslidejavascript , letzte Version 4.0x highslide_download
  • Please note ! if you want to use highslide for commercial websites you have to pay the author a licence fee
  • Unzip the file and copy the complete "highslide" folder under your joomla installation into the folder "highslide" - DONE
  • successfully tested with highslide version 3.3.x and 4.0.x

Update/Upgrade of the module under joomla

  • Download the newest version of the module
  • Unzip and upload/overwrite all files via FTP or ExtExplorer under joomla into the module folder
  • Entpacken und Hochladen aller Dateien via FTP oder ExtExplorer unter Joomla in das module Verzeichnis
  • Recheck if all parameters in every copy of the module are set correct - especially the path to highslide - which can be found under the advanced options - Standard is local path and the folder "highslide
    reason - path options has been slightly changed since module version 1.5.0

Demonstration - Examples

To continue please read the article to configure the module Joomla Addon mod_ExtCoppermine configuration English
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